Travel Destination Greece – The Island of Thassos

Thassos is an exotic Greek island in the Aegean Sea and it is situated a few kilometers away from the continent, 20 kilometers southeast from Kavala. If you travel from the nearest, to the island link (Keramoti) it will be a cheap and quick ferry travel around 30 minutes. The season in Thassos is nearly 2 months shorter than the one in Keramoti – from the second half of May to the first half of September. During the peak of the season (July and August) there are sometimes cool winds and rains because the island is completely surrounded by water. There are many hotel houses you can rent.

The ancient Greek legend tells us that this place is one of the most erotic adventures of Zeus. The Phoenician king Aginor had three sons: Phoenix, Siliks and Cadmus and one daughter called Europa. One summer day, Zeus transformed into a bull and took away Europa to a cave in the island Crete. After the act, three sons were born – Minos, the famous king of Crete, Radamantos, the wise lawmaker and Sarpidon, the first king of ancient Litsiya. While hidden in the island of Crete, Europa was enjoying the caress of Zeus, her father Aginor sent his three sons and his only grandson Thassos to find Europa and told them to search until they find her. All head in different directions – Phoenix head south, Siliks head north, Cadmus searched over the islands. But even the advices of the famous oracle of Delphi didn’t help them to find Europa. After searching in many places the young Thassos arrived on the island and charmed by the greenery and the nice climate, he decided to stay here and that how the island got its name.

Another legend tells us that this remarkable place was once home of beautiful creatures, half women half fish called sirens. Those mermaids were singing beautiful songs and thus casting a spell on the passing by sailors. And due to this legend Thassos is the place where the sirens tried to divert Ulysses from his path.

When you travel around the island you will see the many olive trees, the endless pine tree forests, various beautiful pictures where the green trees are mixing with the blue water. But there is some shortage of long beach – you can enjoy the many small ones. But when you travel around Thassos you will find the many remarkable bays which are sometimes hard to reach. It seems that, these hidden positions, has kept them natural and beautiful, because the bus with tourist can hardly reach these spots.

If you are looking for peaceful vacation on some exotic place, then the island of Thassos can offer you just what you want. It is a remarkable place surrounded by water, with nice climate and still preserved the magic from the ancient times. You won’t be disappointed if you visit this wonderful place in Greece.

The Most Remarkable Highlights of Peru

This was where the famous Inca Empire once flourished which was established as early as the 15th century AD. This is why Peru enjoys hosting some of the most amazing monuments.

The Spanish forces took control of this region during the 16th century. After the independence of the country in 1821, it witnessed a state of disturbances until it reached the country we view today. We will be highlighting some of the most interesting destinations never to be missed by travelers who tour Peru.

The City of Lima

Lima is the capital of Peru, the largest city of the nation, and the cultural, industrial, and commercial hub. With a population of 9 million inhabitants, it is the fifth largest city in Southern America. Several travelers who spend their vacation in Peru enjoy a couple of days in Lima.

Nicknamed as the city of the kings, Lima was established in 1535. The city hosts a number of interesting monuments. This is in addition to its fine cuisine offering wonderful tasty traditional dishes. Lima is also famous for its exotic nightlife with many cultural events, exhibitions, and concerts held in the city. A visit to Lima is a must for any tourists who travel to Peru.

The Sacred Valley

Situated in the heart of the former Inca Empire, the Scared Valley is located near the city of Cuzco today. During the period of the Inca, the inhabitants of the valley dig many basins for the steaming of salt, to obtain fresh water through a rather primitive yet brilliant process. This was the main reason why travelers who tour Peru still view these large square shaped basins that were established thousands of years ago. The valley also hosts some of the ruins and antiquities left by the Inca Empire.

The City of Cusco

Cusco was once the most important centers of Peru. This was where the Inca Empire priests worshiped the sun and left many impressive monuments that amaze traveler coming from all over the world to spend a holiday in Peru.

The Spanish occupied the city in 1533 and Francisco Pizarro González, the famous Spanish army leader and conquer officially established the city in the middle of the 16th century. The Spanish was clever to found a new city on the ruins of the great buildings of the Inca Empire. Today the city welcomes hundreds of tourists who travel to Peru as it is considered among the most remarkable touristic destinations in the country.

The ancient town of Chan Chan

Built out of limestone, Chan Chan was the largest and most impressive towns of Latin America, before Columbus discovered the continent. The city is now full of tourists who enjoy their holidays in Peru for hosting a large number of quite remarkable monuments. Established in 850 AD, the Inca took control of town for more than 500 years and they added their contributions to the constructions of the city as well.

The city of Mancora

Located at the Northern shores of the country, Mancora is featured with some of the finest beaches and resorts situated over the Pacific Ocean. This is the reason why it grabs the attention of many travelers who tour Peru. The city is also famous for having a wonderful nightlife with many discos and nightclubs all over the city.

Vacation Travel Packages – Places To Visit If You Are In London

With the 2012 Summer Olympics coming up, many people are looking through various vacation travel packages and booking their tickets to visit London this summer. London has a rich history, a lively culture and a delightful atmosphere. If you are thinking of traveling to London, but are not sure of what it has to offer, keep reading and I’ll share with you some of my experiences there.

Vacation Travel Packages – Enjoy The Scenery When You Visit The London Bridge

The scenery is just remarkable, especially during the evening. If you love photography, you definitely cannot give this place a miss! If you’re not into photography though, you could still check this place out. Like I said, the scenery is just remarkable! The calm of the river is worlds apart from the hustle and bustle that you usually see on the capital’s roads.

Vacation Travel Packages – Experience Royalty At Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is another delightful tourist destination, and if you’re lucky, you could even get a chance to witness the changing of guards ceremony! This ceremony is also conducted with a military band, so you’ll get to enjoy some military band music.

Besides being home to the British Monarch, Buckingham Palace is also the home of various pieces of art from the Royal Collection. You’ll get to see drawings and paintings from the likes of Rembrandt, Da Vinci and Michelangelo, just to name a few. You’ll also get a chance to see some exquisite pieces of furniture, sculptures, tapestries and more! This is definitely a must-see destination for those who love art.

Vacation Travel Packages – Get A Panoramic View Of The Entire City From The London Eye

The London Eye is Europe’s largest Ferris wheel and a popular tourist attraction for many tourists. Hop on board the London Eye and you’ll get to enjoy a breathtaking view from the top. You’ll be able to see various parts of London from the top. Many vacation travel packages offer this destination as part of their itinerary. That’s how popular a destination the London Eye is!

Vacation Travel Packages – Get In Touch With Nature At Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath, or the Heath, as the locals call it, is a huge park where you can find lots of lush greenery, ponds and a refuge for wildlife. This is a popular choice for the locals if they want to get some fresh air and walk their dog. The locals also come here if they want to escape the busy lifestyle and the daily grind. Sometimes, you’ll even see people having picnics here!

The London Olympics is still some time away. Why not take some time to visit one of these destinations? Be sure to look through various vacation travel packages to check if you’ll be going to any of these places.